creater and lead skater

Hi my name is tr€ i have been skatin for at least eight years my best tricks are flip tricks and my massive ollie, the most skateboards i have ever ollied were 6 and this site is about were you get ur motha fuckin props for your skillz in skatin drop aline in my email and i will put you up on the web son thats if you got skill so show some love and get hooked up this is a site where ppl are in love with skateboardin and it not about how good you are its about havin fun and sendin ur footy in a website that is not over populated by ppl so send meh ur skate footy in a url link and i will post you up so JUMP IN AND GET UR PROPS SON!!!

 gettin my props

this video is of meh when i was 13 and now i am 18 and way better than before AND dont worry about this old video a new one is on its way of meh ((TR€)) and new links anf stuff is beenin put up for all skate fans so you can upload you own stuff by urself comin soon just like utube but with skating